Yongbo Li

Yongbo Li

Attorney at Law / President  

Practice Area

The Litigation related to Trademark, Copyright, Unfair competition, Patent, infringement of commercial secrets, Intellectual property legal adviser and Technical contract and etc.


Professional Experience

Mr. Li practices intellectual property law in China, familiar with international intellectual property rights protection mechanism, the sino-us intellectual property trial mechanism and the development of new information technology. Mr. Li has been involved the multinational company’s patent, trademark, unfair competition, business secrets, cyber-squatting, network communication, Technology contract negotiations, and other IP issues. With the development of new technologies, Mr. Li paying special attention to cases about the field of advanced technology including the data communication, the Internet technology, network download, search engine, software patents, chip patent, biological medicine patent and the research about the Intellectual property abuse in Antitrust field. Familiar with the investigation procedures of the United States international trade commission 337 and have a good communication and cooperation with foreign lawyers.


Representative Cases

Mr. Li practices intellectual property law in China, specializing in patent infringement, business secret infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition, representing domestic and multi-international clients which include ASLAND, ICON, BOSCH, LV, LAFITE, MONTAGUT, QQ, SOGOU and involved in the first anti-monopoly case in domestic copper industry. The represented litigation for MONTAGUT, a French fashion corporation, had been awarded as one of “the top 10 valuable intellectual property protection cases” the Beijing High Court in 2005, and represented the trademark infringement for French LAFITE sued Shenzhen Jin Honda, had been awarded as one of “the top 10 valuable intellectual property protection cases” in the Supreme People’s Court in 2011. Mr. Li represented Ashland sued a domestic company in Suzhou which involved a patent infringement, business secret infringement and assisted the client to reach a favorable RMB¥22,000,000 damage awards, and also Mr. Li had represented for many domestic companies cases related to Intellectual Property Protection such as Lining.


He had been interviewed many times by “News in 30 Minutes”, “Finance and Economics News” of CCTV, the State National TV Station, Southern Weekly, Legal Daily, Beijing News, Beijing Times and diverse Press, Many papers published in the Press such as “Smoothly Enter the Oversea Market under the Trademark Protectionist”, “Is Urgent to Protect the 50 Most Valuable Chinese Trademarks in Oversea Market”, “Quanzhou Trademark Squatting”, “The Analysis of Well-known Trademark” and so on. Meantime, Mr. Li also took part in writing “Trademark and Patent Agents-Chinese Lawyers Handling the Entire Activity”, “Intellectual Property Strategy and Practice” and so on. In addition, Mr. Li is a frequent speaker on intellectual property topics in diverse international intellectual property conferences, such as The Trademark Seminar hold by McCarthy Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Law (11/2009), The New Information Brand Protection summit hold by Microsoft and McCarthy Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Law (2/2011), Sino-us Intellectual Property Judicial Seminar (5/2012).



  • Visiting Scholar of Washington University
  • LL.M., University of San Francisco School of Law (2008)
  • LL.B., Tianjin University (1999)
  • B.S., Tianjin University (1999)



  • International Trademark Association (Chairman of China Federation of Global Advisory Council)
  • International Trademark Association (Vice-chairman of Anti-unfair competition)
  • McCarthy Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Law Fellow, Chinese Affiliate
  • The pioneering tutor of graduate student of Department of Management and Economics in Tianjin University
  • ChinaIntellectual PropertySociety, senior member
  • All China lawyers association, Member
  • American Bar Association, Member
  • Expert of Beijing IP Case Research Institute of Supreme Court
  • The third session of lawyers’ representatives in Beijing chaoyang district
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