Wenguo Dong

Wenguo Dong

Patent Attorney

Before joining Fairsky Law Office, Mr. DONG has accumulated extensive practical experience and academic research experience in the patent field. As a patent attorney, he has handled thousands of patent applications in fields of organic compounds, polymers, biological materials, functional materials and devices, chemical processes, semiconductor devices, etc. Mr. Dong has extensive practices in patent drafting, reexamination and invalidation proceedings, infringement analysis and patent litigation. The clients represented by him include large-scale multinational enterprises as well as top colleges and universities and scientific research institutions in China. He has also counseled clients from the US, Japan, European countries, South Korea and is highly recognized for his high professional standard. On the academic side, Mr. Dong has published a large number of research papers in relevant journals at home and abroad and has participated in many national research projects including projects of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Professional Areas
Chemistry, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, biological materials, biochemical engineering, semiconductors, etc.

Education Background
Doctor of Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University

Working Language
Chinese, English, Korean

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