Fanwen Kong

Fanwen KONG

Attorney at Law / Patent Attorney

Mr. Fanwen KONG received US patent litigation training in the United States. At the same time, he is qualified as both a patent attorney and an attorney at law in China. His main areas of practice involve patent invalidation, patent administrative litigation, patent infringement litigation, and trade secret infringement litigation. Mr. KONG started his career life as a neurosurgeon for 10 years and then switched to practice law as a patent attorney from 2005. Since then, he has focused on patent cases and trade secret disputes in the fields of machinery, electronics, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, etc. His client includes a large number of domestic clients, and some cases represented by Mr. Kong were selected as the top ten cases of the year by Hunan Provincial Higher People’s Court, Hubei Provincial Higher People’s Court, Anhui Provincial Higher People’s Court, and Shanghai Higher People’s Court, respectively.

Mr. Kong is a member of the Patent Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, an appointed expert in the Expert Advisory Committee of Supreme Court’s Intellectual Property Case Guidance Research (Beijing) Base.

Typical Cases

Mr. Kong represented the US chemical giant Ashland Company in suing a Suzhou company for infringing the patent “Anionic Water-In-Water Polymer Dispersion, Method For The Production Thereof And Its Use” and trade secrets. The case was selected as “Top Ten Cases of 2012” by the China Lawyers Intellectual Property Practice Forum and the 10th Annual Meeting of the Intellectual Property Committee of the All China Lawyers Association and was selected as one of the eight typical intellectual property cases by the Supreme People’s Court in October 2013.

Mr. Kong represented the US ICON IP, Inc. in suing Jinan Yibang Industry Co., Ltd. in a patent infringement retrial case, and the case was selected as one of the ten typical patent cases of 2014 by the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

Mr. Kong represented the US Freemotion Fitness, Inc. in suing Changzhou Yingcai Metal Products Co., Ltd. in a patent infringement case, and the case was selected as one of the typical cases of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Kong represented Changsha Shenxiang General Machine Co., Ltd. against Hunan Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd. in a patent infringement dispute. After the first and second trials, the court retrial, the Supreme Court direct retrial, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate demurrer, the Supreme Court review, patent invalidation, the first and second trials of the administrative litigation, and other procedures of the patent infringement litigation, he won the case in the Supreme People’s Court. This case is the first case of the patent infringement litigation of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate against the Supreme People’s Court, and earned high attention in the industry.

Mr. Kong cooperated with European attorneys to successfully represent the world’s largest Vanillin manufacturer SINOCHEM in response to a case relating to a Vanillin invention patent dispute initiated by the global chemical giant Rhodia in the Hague District Court of the Netherlands and won the first and second trials. The case, as a typical case involving foreign interests, was selected in Selected International Cases compiled by the All China Lawyers Association in 2018.

Technical Fields
medicinal chemistry, machinery, electronics

Practice Area
patent invalidation; patent administrative litigation; patent infringement litigation;

Working Language
Chinese, English

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