Doi Hideo

Of counsel

Mr. Doi Hideo had been engaged in IP related contract disputes, negotiations, litigations and other related services in Mitsubishi Electric of Japan since 1970, where he successively held the posts of the Minister of Patent Planning and the Minister of Legal Affairs.

In 2000, he took the position of Secretary General of Japan Intellectual Property Association* for general affairs, international exchanges, policy research, etc., and had conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on behalf of the industry in Japan with many domestic and foreign governmental and intellectual property institutions.

After retirement in 2013, he was invited as an of counsel for a leading IP firm in China and continued to contribute to China-Japan cooperation in the intellectual property field.

(Note: Japan Intellectual Property Association, established in 1938, is a non-governmental organization. As of November 7, 2018, there are more than 900 active members (enterprises), including many well-known Japanese enterprises, etc.)

Education Background
Bachelor of Laws from Osaka City University

Industrial, Academic, Governmental International Joint Study – Handling of Intellectual Property in IMS Projects (Managing Intellectual Property magazine)

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