Dandan Zhou

Dandan ZHOU

Partner  Attorney

Scope of practice

Dandan zhou is skilled at legal affairs in the field of intellectual property rights concerning trademarks, copyrights, patents, unfair competitions and the like, and is especially skilled at computer software copyright infringement proceedings, cases of unfair competition disputes in the Internet field, etc.


Typical cases

  1. Acting for Tencent in the case of unfair competition of Qihoo’s “Koukoubaobiao”

The case attracted widespread attention from the media, the Internet industry and the public. The trial of the second instance held by the Supreme Court was webcast. The Supreme Court clarified in the judgment of second instance the relationship among technological innovations, free competitions and unfair competitions in the Internet market, and maintained the judgment of the amount of compensation, 5 million yuan, of the first instance. The case was named as one of the top 10 IP cases in China’s courts in 2014, and its trial philosophy and results were of great significance for maintaining a fair and orderly competition in the Internet industry.

  1. Acting for Sogou in the case of unfair competition of Qihoo’s “default browser tampering” behavior

The case has been widely concerned by the media and the Internet industry due to the “360 Shadu” software tampering with the default settings of the user’s browser. The case was firstly heard by Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court and secondly heard by Shaanxi Higher People’s Court. It was finally determined that Qihoo’s behavior of tampering with Sogou’s default browser was regarded as unfair competition behavior.

  1. Acting for Sogou in the case of unfair competition of Baidu’s “mobile browser”

The first instance of the case was webcast as required by the Beijing Higher People’s Court. The second instance was an exemplary court trial for the public of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. The second-instance judgment of this case was listed as a difficult case of the 50 typical cases of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court in 2016.

  1. Acting for Sogou in the case of unfair competition of Baidu’s “Lingxi Input”

The first instance of this case was an exemplary court trial spread by Haidian Court on April 26 for propagandizing and popularizing intellectual property rights. Many issues that caused theoretical and practical controversies involved in the case, such as the definitions of innovation, competition and unfair competition, the judgment of user confusion, the definition of rationality of network traffic competition and boundary protection, attract the attention of all sectors of the society.

  1. Acting for Tencent in the case of unfair competition of interception and network traffic guidance of BBK’s “vivo mobile phone”
  2. Acting for YOOZOO GAMES in the case of unfair competition of NetEase’s game of “Menghuanxiyou”
  3. Acting for Polycom in the case of software copyright infringement of Beijing Xiaoyu Technology Co., Ltd.
  4. Acting for the artist Mr. Guoqiang Cai, the artistic director of visual effects of the 29th Olympic Games, in the case where his “Olympic Big Footprint” is sued for copyright infringement
  5. Acting for Beijing Digital Heaven Information & Technology Co., Ltd. in a case of computer software copyright infringement
  6. Acting for US LDS in a case of copyright infringement of computer vibration and control software


Educational background

Mater of Laws from Jilin University

Social title

Member of the network, post and telecommunications committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association

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