IP Prosecution

Our IP Prosecution Practices Include:

Fairsky has experienced patent attorneys in all technical areas, including electricity & electronics (EE), biology and chemistry, and mechanics, capable of drafting and prosecuting patent applications of all traditional and most cutting edge fields.

  • Patent portfolio management
  • Prior art search and patentability study
  • Drafting
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent reexamination
  • Patent administrative litigation
  • Patent post-grant proceeding
  • FTO opinion

The elite trademark team at Fairsky has experiences of serving clients in various industries. From devising trademark application in the most cost-effective manner with the widest possible scope of protection to fighting infringers through our watching, investigation and enforcement services, we provide complete solutions to trademark owners

  • clearance search and branding
  • trademark application
  • trademark watching
  • trademark opposition, invalidation, and cancellation
  • investigation and administrative enforcement

While a copyright owner in entitled to protection even without registration in China according to the Berne Convention, there are many obvious advantages in having one. Fairsky lawyers will tell you how to make use of copyright registration to back up your trademark and patent protections.

  • domain name arbitration
  • customs recordation
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